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Speaking Engagements​ ​

Opening address and panel member for the IBD Summit for Fellows 2019


Speaker and panel member at the Patient to Patient Education Project with the University of Michigan, 2019.

Patient Spokesperson - print, radio, and television interviews for the IBD Parenthood Project, Media Tour, New York, New York, 2019 

Opening address and panel member for the IBD Summit for Fellows 2018, Philadelphia, PA

Patient address and contributing member, IBD Parenthood Consensus Conference, AGA Headquarters, 2018, Bethesda, MD

Speaker, Digestive Disease Week 2018 Washington, DC "Defining a Quality Gastroenterologist"

Speaker, Class of 1959 Dartmouth Alumni gathering, 2017 Hanover, NH

Opening address and panel member for the IBD Summit for Fellows 2017, Orlando, FL​

Panel member, Master of Health Care Delivery Science at Dartmouth, "address to the incoming class," 2017 Hanover, NH

The Dartmouth Institute, "address to the President and Provost of Dartmouth," 2017, Hanover, NH

Patient story: Pre-meeting and Learning sessions 1, 2, and 3 of the IBD Qorus program Los Angeles, 2016 CA, Chicago, IL and Orland, FL. ​

Advances in IBD 2016, "address at the President's Corporate Circle", Reception Orlando, FL

Featured in the 2016 "Under the Microscope" CCFA bi-annual update and the 2015 Annual Report

Advocating and engaging with the medical community is my passion, contact me if you'd like me to work with your group. 

Advocacy and Committee Work 


Scientific Advisory Board, Patient Advocacy Advisor for Trellus Health - a multidisciplinary approach to building confidence and better health outcomes for patients with chronic illness.

Patient Leader, supporting the Crohn's and Colitis

Foundation's IBD Qorus program since 2015.  Partnering with The Dartmouth Institute and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement to apply a learning health system approach to advance outcomes, quality of care, and coproduction of decision making across the nation.


Contributing member and Spokesperson with the IBD Parenthood Project to establish a clinical care pathway and supporting patient-driven materials to enhance conception shared decision making conversations for women with IBD.  

Committee Member, Patient Engagement Task Force with the Academy of Communications in Healthcare.  Enhancing shared decision making and coproduction conversations with medical providers. 

Mentor with the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation's Power of Two program.

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